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   MARCH 18, 2017
“UAV Success = 8 + 20”?   AFuzion’s UAV Certification Services Surpass 20 Companies in 8 Countries
AFuzion’s 25-person engineering team recently completed its 20th UAV Certification / Assistance assignment. Serious UAV’s require serious but cost-effective certification. AFuzion knows and understands the ABC’s of UAV’s including DO-178C, ARP-4754A, ARP-4761/A.  AFuzion’s experts have provided more certification/training than all other competitors current engineers, COMBINED. 

Request Free whitepapers at http://afuzion.com/training/ or free details by including “UAV Cert Services” in the subject line email to: info@afuzion.com

Learn about AFuzion’s services in a free one-minute video:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMzLRzcahJE   
   MARCH 15, 2017
Largest Commercial UAV Conference & EXPO

After an impressive show last year (3,518 delegates from 54 nations and rave reviews) InterDrone returns to Las Vegas Sept. 6-8 in a premier location.  It will feature 125+ sessions for engineers, software developers, executives, investors, regulators and commercial drone “buyers and flyers” in more than a dozen vertical market segments. Three distinct tracks define the event in 2017:  Drone TechCon for builders; Drone Enterprise for those using drones for commercial activities; and Drone Cinema where image quality and range are paramount.  4,000+ attendees from 6 continents and 180+ exhibitors.

Receive a $100 discount off the prevailing rate of the 3-day pass by inserting the code FLYIT when prompted at www.interdrone.com
   MARCH 13, 2017
InterDrone Acquired by Emerald Expositions LLC

MELVILLE, N.Y., March 13, 2017 — BZ Media LLC announced today that InterDroneTM The International Drone Conference & Exposition has been acquired by Emerald Expositions LLC, the largest producer of trade shows in North America. InterDrone 2016 drew 3,518 attendees from 54 different countries on 6 continents and the event featured 155 exhibitors and sponsors. The 2017 event will be managed and produced by BZ Media on behalf of Emerald.

Emerald Expositions is the largest operator of business-to-business trade shows in the United States, with their oldest trade shows dating back over 110 years. They currently operate more than 50 trade shows, including 31 of the top 250 trade shows in the country as ranked by TSNN, as well as numerous other events. Emerald events connect over 500,000 global attendees and exhibitors and occupy over 6.7 million NSF of exhibition space.

   MARCH 09, 2017
CONDOR 2100 SERIES - Rugged XMC Video Capture and Graphics Solutions for Embedded System Applications
Take command over a wide range of mission-critical applications with the flexibility and integrated system compatibility of Condor XMC graphics and video capture products. The Condor 2100 XMC Series delivers high performance graphics solutions with the form factors and features required in defense, industry, avionics, and surveillance applications by providing video capture, display and overlay capabilities for these embedded system environments. The Condor 2100 XMC Series is designed for use with VME, VPX, cPCI (DELETE AdvancedTCA) and other single board computers (SBCs) using an XMC mezzanine card interface. The card has a PCI Express x8 interface consistent with the majority of the SBCs that support this bus width.

   MARCH 07, 2017

AEM has announced the launch of a development and qualification program for the MCP06 Master Caution Panel for the B412EP helicopter.

The MCP06 will be a drop-in replacement for the current OEM product, but will be lighter and consume significantly less power due to the LED lighting sources.

The upgraded MCP06 will benefit from the earlier MCP01 (B212) and MCP02 (S-61) Master Caution Panel programs with similarity between the electrical and optical design elements. The MCP06 will include the integrated State Recorder, a feature unique to the AEM MCP product line, as well as standard or NVIS compliant lighting options.

   MARCH 04, 2017
GaN for Military Radar and
Electronic Warfare Systems

Military radar and electronic warfare (EW) system designers are leveraging Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology more and more for their RF solutions as the price for GaN devices drops and as the industry learns more about GaN's performance benefits. GaN enables power density and higher efficiencies not possible before in active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar systems, which in turn enables more multifunctional and adaptive radar and EW systems.

This E-cast of industry experts will discuss the performance and power benefits of GaN RF solutions, the technology's support for broadband, determining where GaN fits and doesn't fit in military RF systems, power components and more.

On-demand WEBCAST
   MARCH 02, 2017

AOS High-G Camera Switch for up to 12 cameras. The Switch connects up to 12 cameras with a single cable link and provides connection to PC. It is ideal for applications where multiple cameras must run synchronized (phase locked) to either a master camera or external frame frequency. With up to 12 cameras and all necessary external signals the High-G Hub offers an economical solution for multi camera operation.

   FEBRUARY 22, 2017

Delft (the Netherlands), February 9th 2017 – Visitor registration for RoboBusiness Europe and TUS Expo is now live. These events will be hosted in the World Forum The Hague during the International Robotics Week from 19-21 April 2017. 

   FEBRUARY 20, 2017
InterDrone 2017 (September 6 - 8, 2017)
After an impressive second show (3,518 attendees from 54 nations, 155 exhibitors, 150 press, rave reviews) InterDrone returns to Las Vegas in its established calendar slot.  It will feature conference tracks for engineers, software developers, executives, investors, regulators and commercial drone “buyers and flyers” in more than a dozen vertical market segments plus LOTS of new add-ons (stay tuned). 4,000+ attendees and 175+ exhibitors.

   FEBRUARY 01, 2017
Rugged 3U VPX H.265 (HEVC) or H.264 Video/Audio Encoder with CoT / KLV Metadata Insertion

Condor VPX-H265 Series boards are rugged 3U VPX H.265 (HEVC) / H.264 video/audio encoding and streaming solutions that are designed to serve video transmission needs in harsh field environments. With low latency encoding, streaming and low power consumption, this unique product offers a powerful solution for customers designing VPX systems.

The product is ruggedized to survive harsh environments (shock, vibration, humidity) and temperatures from -40˚C to 85˚C (MIL-STD-810). The 1” pitch, 3U VPX form factor card is easy to integrate into a VPX system.