Supporting ITU Rocket Team

Arif ERKOCA, PhD (EV BD Director)

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Do you know the Turkish Student Team who became the best in the world at a highly prestigious competition in United States last year ?

I would like to introduce to you this hard working, dedicated and extremely motivated group, and I will tell you what they lack :-(

Little bit History

In 2013, a Student Team called ARISAT was formed at the Istanbul Technical University, with an intention to participate to the

10th CanSat Competition 2014 (Model Satellite Contest) in Texas, US. The team was composed of engineering students (Hasbi Sevinc, Mert Kahyaoglu, Caner Balyemezler, Eren Durkaya, Onur Alp Cakan, Umit Yelken and Emre Erbuga), who all had only one goal ... TO BE THE BEST ! And they became the best. ARISAT TEAM was ranked at the top with flying colors, receiving the highest score ever collected by a team during the history of the CanSat Competition.

What is going on now ?

In 2015, the ARISAT Team is now the ITU ROCKET TEAM, getting prepared for the up-coming I ntercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (Utah, USA), hosted by Experimental Sounding Rocket Association (ESRA). They will once again be in the quest of becoming the best in the world. But they lack something !!!


As usual, what is missing is the SUPPORT from the industry, community ! These students devote themselves to represent their friends, professors, their school and even their country by attending such prestigious competitions with their in-house built satellites and rockets, and they manage to be the BEST in the world ... then they still struggle to find SUPPORT to finance their expenses. Please watch their interview at CNN Turk :

What can we do ?

It is still not too late to show our appreciation to the ITU ROCKET Team. We can participate to the Campaign they have just started;

in exchange for a small donation of 250 TL (Turkish Lira), your name is imprinted on the ITU ROCKET TEAM's Rocket. See ITU ROCKET Team Facebook page at

You can also contact ITU Rocket Team at and ask more about this campaign and learn how to participate.

I strongly think that "possessing an eager to support youth, especially those who have motivation and dedication to accomplish" should be one of our sincere goals in life. Now, it is our obligation to support the ITU Rocket Team !

Have a week with lots of smiles !